Milton Discusses His Musical Journey To The Top

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In this exclusive, HYPEFRESH® Journalist, Jaz Bowens talks to rising artist, Milton about his growing popularity in the music industry, and his journey - up until now.

Milton, one of the most talented and ambitious editions to Philadelphia's ever growing music scene has been taking his own pace and exceeding his goals by continuously creating music, performing, and acquiring new fans along the way. Originally from Maryland the R&B crooner has felt nothing but a full embrace and support from the city of brotherly love. At only 20, he's put in the work, shown his dedication, and engulfed us in his talented music. It's only the beginning for him - and its evident that he is going far. Luckily, Milton was able to have a exclusive talk with HYPEFRESH® Magazine about how he got to where he is today, his music, inspiration, and his plans for the future.

“I've been singing all my life, since I've been young whether it was choir or something else,” he explained. “I was always singing but for about two years I've really been getting everything together and streamlined as far as touring, recording, performing and everything in between.”

 One of the key locations in which Milton performs his music.

One of the key locations in which Milton performs his music.

He wasn’t the only one who saw that he a had future in music. “When I was younger I had a guide/mentor who told me that If I was ever to become serious about music that Philly was the place to be,” says Milton. “ He said it's a place where artist come together and support one another.”

Years later after the encouraging words Milton went off to college where he met some people that helped change the course of his life. “I went to Albright College in Pennsylvania and that's where I met my manager and where I later met my producer, Rob Devious. So after I got out we decided that we were gonna start from the bottom and went to Philly and got to work,” Milton says. “ Philly has a organic and growing music scene and we wanted to be apart of that evolution.”

He incorporates his multifaceted talents as well as other sounds he sees fit into his music. Milton is not a one trick pony by any means and that's evident in his debut album Simple Pleasures released February 2014.“I don’t bring just the R&B,” he explained. “Milton is bringing a new movement. I'm trying to incorporate everything. Anything that I see works for me.” Song like “Everybody Knows”and “Questions” shows his versatility.

 Milton & Rob, working on future hit records in the studio together.

Milton & Rob, working on future hit records in the studio together.

“Before I even thought about a album I was already writing year after year, notebook after notebook,and I would watch the game in a sense; who is making it and who isn’t? What elements do they possess in their music for longevity?” He says. “So when it came down to putting together Simple Pleasures I was thinking of politics and emotions. I had to convey something to my audience that they would not only like but love and appreciate. Something that would stick with them that would stand the test of time.”

The process of getting his words from his paper to his fans began in the shed.“We only record in the shed. That's where everything is recorded. That's actually my producer's studio, Rob Devious, it's in his back yard,” Milton said. “The shed is covered with so much art, all over the walls, everywhere. There literally isn’t a space not covered. Its so artistic in the shed even down to the lighting. It goes down in the shed. It's a creative space. Even when I’m finished recording or starting. I relax if I want to, I can laugh, smoke, drink ,whatever. I can be myself in the shed and that translates into my music. “

When asked about the state of R&B for male singers and just in general he said, “I feel that the passion and love is gone. The real. The actual heart is gone. I feel like that needs to be brought back. People need to care more about the craft and the audience. The art....”

That is exactly what he's bringing with his music every step of the way from the writing, to the recording and producing, and straight through to his performances and love for his fans. He is authentic, unafraid, and ready for more. His musical talent speaks for itself. For more information about Milton check him out online and don't forget to get your very own copy of his album Simple Pleasures.

Love what you hear? Listen to more from Milton, at hisSoundcloud!