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RISING: Bridget Perez - 'Excréments' EP

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“I try to speak about the things my friends and I talk about and the stuff nobody wants to talk about. We talk about every aspect of sex, love, spirituality, injustice and ideas. My music is somewhat of a reflection of that.” - Bridget Perez, A.R.T.S.Y. Magazine

We couldn't agree more.In just 23 mins of time on wax, Queens, NY native Bridget Perez manages to accomplish what feels like a 'audible birth child' to Pharrell Williams. Being her own Executive Producer/Songwriter for 'Excréments', her pairings with the likes of Bae Bro and Allen Ritter, who is a Grammy-nominated producer just makes sense in this case.


Here's a playful record (thanks to Perez's sense of humor), that isn't too serious, and very fun to listen to. Call this project "chill R&B" if you'd like. Enjoy it below. And if you happen to love what you hear, we'd recommend you click here to download a copy for yourself. For more music? BridgetPerez.com