RISING: Liana Banks - "LVLUP"

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In respect to Liana Bankswe have to call a spade a f*ckin' spade - 'LVLUP' is BANANAS. And we're only stating the truth here.

Being a 25-year-old rising singer/ songwriter and native New Yorker from Queens, music is in her soul. Being surrounded by a family of accomplished musicians growing up who performed professionally on Broadway and sang jazz and gospel, Liana always gravitated toward her creative side. This ultimately inspired her decision to move towards the route of taking a step on faith, starting a career based around her heart's passion.

"People are so judgmental. They're always looking at you like "ehh, that's cool, she could do better though". Then when you do better they want you to be silent about it.Fuck that, I'm a causing a scene."

-Liana Banks


Her unique sound blends pop sheen with a raw perspective only a true listener can perceive and respect. Her first debut single 'LVLUP' is the first track taken from her upcoming mixtape release - ‘Insubordinate’, expected to be released very soon. Crooning over a TRILL inspired production, Liana Banks showcases her witty and clever lyrical abilities in a 'rap' inspired flow pattern which compliments the bounce of the record.

And her voice? As sensual as it is sexy. The best of both worlds - great music and seduction all in one package.

It's clear, Liana Banks knows what she's doing. It's as if this record could have been pulled from a sophmore album of sorts. Nope, it's her first track.

Just imagine what's next.