RISING: M.O. - "Good Friends" (Official Single)

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Rising U.K. R&B girl group M.O. have dropped their newest single "Good Friends" which is alongside their newest EP self titled the same. After signing a new deal with Polydor Records, 'Good Friends' EP is officially M.O. last properly indie-released record.

With music production from Bless Beatson the single "Good Friends" the record bangs hard 'as all hell'. 808 drums destroy the track with thunderous thump thats surely dangerous for any speaker system. Meanwhile, M.O. croons on top of all of this, delivering clean and crisp vocal arrangements that are impressive 'as all heaven'.

We don't get much from R&B groups nowadays, so consider this a blessing for your ears.

And the message of "Good Friends?" In the same boat as Kanye's "Real Friends". Self explanatory in just two words. And yes, they're hard to find.

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