RISING: Mac Fame's "Bring Em Out" Video Is Flame

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Lets just take a minute to breathe. Mac Fame will literally knock the wind out of your lungs with every bar he delivers through the mic. Calling out all the haters and naysayers, Fame is joined by ally Doughbeezy to murder the mic in an uncanny way. A huge thumbs up to DoughBeezy, for following Fame's lead and knocking his verse out the park. This track delivers a lyrical gift to the ears of listeners, while still entertaining their minds subliminally. A must hear for the avid rising Hip Hop fan. Want more? The link to Fame's EP 'M.A.C' is listed below.

"M.A.C"(EP) Free Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/72abaefq1iacxc6/MAC+FAME-+M_A_C.zip

Bring Em Out Artwork