RISING: Nadia Nair - 'Something Something Something'

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Having slowly perfected her craft in her home country of Sweden, the eccentric Gothenburg-based songstress, Nadia Nair is ready to reveal her debut album Beautiful Poetry to the world. Having already gained support from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit and Wonderland with her incendiary single “Hardships,” Nair has lit the fuse for which to spark off an exciting 2016.

"It's an ending song for me... because it's about something coming to an end painfully. So I made it the outro on my album. The last song in the tracklist. I read the last page first when I get a new book because I'm always anxious about the endings...and wanted to give it to the listener the same way.

The first song Nair is sharing from the album is “Something Something Something”, a hypnotic interlude-type piece that encapsulates her love of mantra and poetry. It starts with a strong, lonesome melody against the humming of a gentle, melancholy organ that feels both solid and vulnerable. Nadia’s vocals are powerful and full of yearning, as she croons the wandering hook that could be searching its way through a desert as much as a blues club.

 Nadia Nair.

Nadia Nair.

Written and recorded over a two-year period with no plan in mind, Beautiful Poetry came together in an experimentation of sound, fusing Nair’s disparate influences in a way that she can only describe as “crushing borders.” Though she splays cultural vibrance through her mix of Swedish and Malaysian-Indian roots, she has continuously been placed in a box throughout her life; Beautiful Poetry explores the death of these boxes, as Nair confronts her chaos, and turns them into harmonies. As such, this introspective debut is Nair’s reincarnation into her artistic form, simultaneously backward-looking and forward-thinking as she blends the past with the future to somewhat create Indian Soul.

"Maybe turn a bad habit into a good one. Something something something is a very accepting song about sorrow that comes from a break-up or something leaving. Because it's the outcome of us just being us...flawed and all."

 Nadia Nair.

Nadia Nair.

Dreaming of bringing people together with her music and making them truly tune into their emotions instead of questioning what category it fits into, ‘Something Something Something’ is the perfect introduction into who Nadia Nair is as an artist. With the album finally ready Nadia Nair is set to have a huge 2016, and we all watch with bated breath as she continues her enticing journey.

"It's a one take...that ends with the title that sort of sums up how I felt trying to sing about a feeling I couldn't put a name on while I was overwhelmed with emotion. It's strange and raw and almost like feeling sick. But it is what it is.”

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