RISING: Richie Quake - 'Clarice'

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Clarice Cover Art

Brooklyn singer, producer and Brown Bag All Star affiliate, Richie Quake offers a futuristic, R&B, Pop vibe on his latest single, "Clarice" featuring Jeadon Alvira on saxophone. Referred from a close friend of ours, J57, we are uber excited to share this track to you all!

His sultry vocals and intoxicating production prove to be the perfect pairing for this unique sound wave. It's completely unexpected to hear mature lyrical content from a rising artist like Richie Quake. "Clarice" is definitely a dive into his musical roots, adding to his artistry and impressive perspective on music not only as an singer but as a producer and songwriter as he croons, "Clarice I just wanna tell you that I care I'm right here, I will hold you close to me if you wanna talk I'll listen girl I'm all ears, never disappear from you.."

We are huge supporters over here at HYPEFRESH. Check out the dope track below!