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Rickstar, the 24 year old singer/songwriter/dancer from South London, is on a mission to bring something different to the current music scene. His 2014 ‘Funk Pop’ sound blends 1980s influences with elements from the early 90s.

Growing up and living between America and London, Rickstar was raised on an array of musical genres and cultures. Motown was a major influence and he was greatly inspired by artists such as Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and The Supremes. As a fan, also of music artist, in particular Brandy, Amy Winehouse, Lenny Kravitz, TLC and Michael Jackson, Rickstar developed his own style by combining his love of music from ‘back in the day’ with a new school flavour.

After the major worldwide success in 2011/12/13 of his debut singles Beat Of My Heart, Hanging On (Let Go), So Happy, I Just Wanna, and first two eps Vintage Soul, Modern Mind and Eclectic State of Mind.

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Superhero is the first single taken from his forthcoming ep Under the Influence

"Superhero" is a jazz/funk/pop track that can fit into any category of music from film to cartoons. This song is a story of an average man singing about how is love is like one of a superhero. 

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