RISING: Uncle TreY Releases 'Nostalgianticipation'

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Monroe County native, Uncle TreY provides an authentic, nostalgic, Hip Hop sound on his latest project, "Nostalgianticipation". Avoiding being conformed to a specific Hip Hop genre, he bases his music off of everyday life experiences and creates songs using profound and anomalous concepts. Having garnered a strong buzz on the internet & the local underground scene, he’s now looking to take the next step in hopes of reaching a larger audience. 

From the underground to the indie scene, his clever metaphors and storylines provide energy and socially political commentary fueled by a clever and unique artistry. Point blank, this is an album not a mixtape. Unlike his counterparts, Uncle TreY stays true to Hip Hop culture without conforming to modern sound waves. His lyrics are real and his unique cadence and flow add to his signature approach to the art form. Ladies and gentlemen, 'Nostalgianticipation' is definitely for the true Hip Hop fans. 

Lets start with the lead visual single, "Acknowledgement", a track boasting positive messages about how it feels to conquer goals. In his case... to reach success as he says, " look at us right now, my God look at us right now, n****s looking in disgust right now, swear winning is a must right now", adding a personal touch that hits the mark in the right direction. The premise of the song is a story of redemption as explains the moment of getting the recognition in Hip Hop that he deserves. The track also provides insight into a range of topics like money, women, friendships and how friends and family change based on success. Produced by The Chase (@TheChaseBeats) directed by A.M. FINE (@FilmsByFine) and shot at this year's SXSW music festival, "Acknowledgement" provides a great dive into Uncle TreY's pen game and ability to speak about universal topics (Check it out below!).


The rest of the album explores different topics that dive into Uncle TreY's stream of consciousness. "Lost Cause / Straightjackits" is socially conscious, highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement and provides commentary to fuel his message to younger artists and dreamers."Mojo" highlights his pen game and usage of the English language in a clever, satirical manner over the classic "Return of the Mack" sample. "Nilla Sky Interlude / Memento" is a creative synergy of ideas showcasing his artistry and experimental nature. And the album concludes with "Just Living" leaving the listener with the melodic vocal abilities of Mariam which add a perfect complement to the smooth cadence of Uncle TreY.

Nostalgianticipation is a storyline of transitioning from his past to the future. The album narrates his journey of growth using the past as inspiration for the future. The "nostalgia" is a clever play on words, explaining the several old school samples on the project.(ie: Just Living = Living Single Theme Song, Mojo = Return of The Mack.) Based on penmanship, flow, delivery,creativity and production, we give this album a 3 out of 5! Check out the project below!

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