Riton Ft. Kah - Lo - Rinse & Repeat (Jammer Remix)

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Boy Better Know member and LOTM co-founder Jammer stepped up to provide us with another wicked and fresh remix. First it was Disclosure's "Jaded," then Blinkie's "Don't Give Up On Love," and now, we are blessed with a remix of Riton's "Rinse & Repeat."

Jammer twists the tempo, giving it an acid-afro house beat with a dash of tropical house vibes.

“Riton’s track was all over the radio and it was in my head from the first time I head it,” says Jammer. “My main thing when I’m making anything is to take you on a journey, bringing those hard, dirty grime elements in, but making it musical. I think this remix of ‘Rinse & Repeat’ might be the best remix I’ve done to date..”