Listen: Robin Williams Jr. Debuts Funky EP Titled "Demo"

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Typically when a musician asks you to listen to his/her demo, you have the impression that he/she is an upstart who plans to clutter your ears with amateurish noise. Many can attest to this experience, whether one finds the fledgling entertainer busking in a busy subway station, or peddling Sharpie-inscribed cds on a crowded street corner, or bragging about a Soundcloud link at a routine family function, the most common experience with demos is rarely rewarding. Robin Williams, Jr.’s Demois one of those rare instances.

Robin Williams, Jr. is no novice, Demo and is sure to be the soundtrack of your Sunday afternoons, your morning commute, or wherever and whenever else you enjoy music. For years Robin has orchestrated sound of others—whether on the BET Music Matters tour, international conferences, or sold out concerts across his native Philadelphia—playing percussion and organizing bands for some of Gospels premier acts. He has now branched out on his own, and Demo is how he has introduced his own music to world.

Demo is Robin Williams' debut solo release, and it is an impressive start. On it, you will hear the"Good News" of Jesus of Christ set to the tune of , rambunctious funk, and soulful melodies. Demo grew out of Williams’ desire to infuse his love for Gospel music, with his desire to hear soul, R&B, funk, and jazz. He felt the two desires often did not meet in the music he heard on the radio, so he chose to make what he wanted to hear. Demo is that, and it is a treat for every listener. In creating it, Williams solicited the assistance of some of his gifted friends: Leah Smith,JereMiah Daniel, Tiara Greene, Donielle Houston, and Harry Wilson, Jr.

A highlight of Demo is its rendition of 's Have a Talk With God, the third track of Stevie Wonder's classic Songs in the Key of Life. Williams' rendition captures the spirit of the song, while communicating it in a contemporary flair. He even secured the performance of Rev. Dr. Eric Mason, Williams' spiritual mentor and the lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia. Considering the acrimonious tenor of the election cycle, protests stemming from police brutality, and other social ills grappling for your attention, Have a Talk With God is a welcome addition toDemo, considering it encourages the listener to take their concerns to the Almighty. It will serve as a much needed respite from all of the troubles of the day.

Williams premiered some of Demo’s highlights at a sold out performance (his first headlining show) in Harrisburg earlier this fall, then again leading worship for the Thriving Frequency conference held at the Philadelphia Convention Center last week. Each time, his performance met rave reviews from the audience, and anxious questions as to when one may get a copy of Demo. That time has arrived, as Demo will be digitally released on October 19. You may purchase a copy here, and in so doing, you will find a demo worth hearing.