Rhyming with frank honesty about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, Rocky Banks channels his demons into deeply personal and charismatic rap music. Mobbing with his crew near his new Mercedes, Rocky lets loose on "Dopeman," his latest video. Paying tribute to Belly, the 1998 Hype Williams-directed film starring DMX and Nas, "Dopeman" is a humorous and charming look into Rocky's life in Houston, as he counts cash and chomps on Cheetos. Premiered by Highsnobiety, "Dopeman" is the most recent visual from Big Little Brother, Rocky's powerful new album. A smooth and versatile effort, Big Little Brother tells the story of Rocky's life as a rising rapper and a recovering drug addict, complete with weaving internal rhymes, infectious vocal modulations, and insightful bars. Premiered by Mass Appeal and featuring appearances from Ripp Flamez, LVFromCle, Mufasa Enzor, Big Brandon Willis and Tiara Jewel, Big Little Brother is a powerful effort, packed with well-crafted story-songs about Rocky's life before and after hitting rock bottom. 

Explains Rocky Banks, 

"This record was written from the approach of a buyer and seller. Coming from my environment in Houston, drugs can help pay bills but we often neglect the fact its poisoning the community. Saying 'I'm the Dopeman' or the 'DOPE.....man' is me understanding that i cannot contribute to the regression of my community by selling them the wrong content in my product, my music, my dope. It was also heavily influenced by the 1988 N.W.A. record. As far as the video, Ive always been a fan of film so I always try to make references to a popular character or scene from some of my favorite movies in my visuals. If you're a fan of Hip-Hop you'll know exactly where I got the inspiration from for this visual haha. Shouts to the OGs!  

Check out the dope visual above and stay tuned for more from Rocky Banks as he takes over 2018!