Roy Nachum: The Artist Behind Rihanna's Dope Album Cover

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Last night, Rihanna released the artwork and title for her eighth album which will be called Anti, at the MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles.

Social Media showed the album cover so much love.

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The mastermind behind the art is Roy Nachum, an artist from Jerusalem.

The work contained a little girl with a crown covering her face and also poetry written in Braille along the whole canvas. The painting depicts Rihanna's first day of daycare.

In addition to the cover art, Nachum has about six other pieces of art that will be featured with the album including the back cover and interior. All of the photos will include braille poetry from Nachum himself and also Chloe Mitchell who's poetry was included in Kanye West's "Blame Game."

Rihanna's album will be the first album to use the braille feature.

Nachum also made the single cover for "FourFiveSeconds," "American Oxygen," and "B-tch Better Have my Money." Those titles were also written in braille. Rihanna claims that this is her favorite album yet.

Nachum's art collection entitled "Blind," are a variation of pieces which include the red and white color scheme along with the children with crowns over their eyes and the braille writing surrounding them. The blinded child is a metaphor of "man's blindness caused by displaced values and desire." The meaning of the braille is to "evoke sensations in the blind participant." No matter what the work truly means, Nachum wants people to pretty much have an abstract mind and pick out simply what they want the piece of art to mean.

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If we're judging a book by its cover, this album is about to be something really deep!