RÜFÜS / RÜFÜS DU SOL – Desert Night (Official Video)

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Now here's a golden discovery in audible form.

I stumbled upon this cool vintage/modernized video at TheDNALife.com which usually has a ton of really dope culturish type topics to offer. Titled 'Desert Night', it's not hard to figure where this song's direction is going from the sound of it.

This song circles around one major topic everyone has to maintain on a daily - happiness.

In the video above, a drunk Asian guy is obviously having a bad night initially, but bumps into a younger Asian girl who turns it all around for the better. Doing a silly dance with him cheers the poor guy up, as they venture the streets in Japan somewhere. Great visuals, excellent lyrics, cool beats! Check this one out!

Oh, if you like what you hear, follow the band behind this video/song.