Our Thoughts On The Captivating Tune "Running" (Refugee Song)

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Keyond Harrold, Common, Andrea Pizziconi and Gregory Porter's latest offering, Running is a dive into a global issue that is overlooked by the masses: the refugee experience. But the beauty of Running captures more than just the experience of refugees around the world. It captures the reality of struggle, homelessness, war and lack of education. It was released for this years World Refugee Day. Common, Gregory Porter, Keyon Harold and Andrea Pizziconi all unleashed their respected creative genius' and from it's inception, you can feel how heartfelt it is. Sonically, Running is seen from a refugee's point of view, fully highlighting the struggles of survival for refugees.The visual experience is nothing short of captivating, as we witness refugees around the world parallel to the song's beautifully written lyrics.

I think Running is perfect for our generation of music listeners because it tells a story that is both enlightening and emotional. It is just enough to fully grasp the listeners attention and comment on both social and global issues. Kudos to Common, Gregory Porter, Keyon Harrold and Andrea Pizziconi for pushing awareness into the lives of refugees abroad.

All proceeds will be raised by donation through GoFundMe or purchasing the single via iTunes will support refugee charities abroad, so make sure you go listen to Running or you can watch the video below.