Ryan Banks, "Goose & Juice" (Video)

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For some people, the summertime has long gone and left the scene. But for those like Ryan Bank$, the summer never ends. In his latest video, "Goose & Juice" we honestly can't tell the Fall season is here. You won't be able either.

"I just like to make honest music." says Bank$ during a recent telephone call with HYPEFRESH® "I try to keep a balance with my sound... I make a lil' bit of everything for everybody, you know?"

With the 100+ girls gyrating in this video, it's a challenge to listen to the song being played in the video... That is, initially. But once your ears fine tune into the sounds of Ryan Bank$, all you hear is talent and craft.

Bank$ delivers an ill flow over a sick monster beat that will make anyone get up and move. His approach is direct, straight with no chaser - regardless if he is chasing his 'Goose" with FAMJUICE.


This track is an awesome way to end your Summer and welcome in the Fall. Check out the video for yourself and don't forget to bring a cup - there's plenty to drink this go around.

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