Saga turns Alchemist's 'Israeli Salad' into 'Saga Ghanoush'

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Alchemist' name has been heavy in the hip-hop headlines as of lately--we recently learned of beats produced by the guru that were presented to "god emcees" like Jay-Z, Nas, & A$AP Rocky, but were shot down.

Jadakiss' smash hit "We Gonna Make It" was originally intended for HOV to hop on, but thankfully, he passed on the record allowing Kiss to pen a classic record over the beat.

Not even a full week ago, Alchemist dropped off 20 tracks in his Israeli-inspired beat tape, Israeli Salad. 

Today, a Brooklynite who goes by the name of Saga has revisited the project to perform his own artistic interpretation of the original tracks. His project, Saga Ghanoush, which is made up of hand-picked beats pulled from Israeli Salad, shows off persuasive lyricism and displays the eloquence of his raps.

As if the middle-eastern instrumental tape itself wasn't a heavy hitter, with verses from Saga plastered over seven tracks from the project, we're sure to see other musicians offer their interpretations soon enough.

By keeping Israeli themed delicacies as the focal point of the artwork, originally designed by the Haifa-based graf artist, Unga, of the Broken Fingaz crew, Saga swaps the avocado for an eggplant to represent the key ingredient found in Baba Ghanoush…or in this case, Saga Ghanoush. Listen below.