Samm Henshaw Channels His Inner Soul With "Our Love"

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Samm Henshaw is here with his latest single, 'Our Love' leaking with blends of R&B, soul with a live-band sound that is not present in mainstream music. The track is warm and effortlessly uplifting. ‘Our Love’ was inspired directly by Samm’s childhood growing up in South London, and the experience of his parents (who are originally from Nigeria).

“I wrote ‘Our Love,” he says now, “about a story my Dad tells from when he first started dating my Mum: his family didn’t approve, but he didn’t care.”

Musically, ‘Our Love’ is similarly independent-minded, twisting a broad range of influences that include D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean and others. ‘Our Love’ is the first song to be taken from ‘The Sound Experiment 2 which drops on July 15th. In the meantime, check out the amazing track below!