Scotty ATL Discusses Tragedies On 'Daily Bread'

The Atlanta native reveals how he has coped with tragedies
Erin A. Simon
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The Atlanta native reveals how he has coped with tragedies
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Atlanta rapper Scotty ATL spits sincere rhymes touching on recent tragedies in his latest album Daily Bread. Before going on tour with B.o.B., Scotty lost four people close to him, lost four during the tour and then his cousin after. As a result of so many tragedies, this project came about.

"The greatest rappers tell their life stories. That’s what I’m doing. I’m giving people my real life, the good, the bad and the ugly," Scotty explains when asked about the subject matter for the album, adding, "I focus on lyrics, focus on content and subject manner. I’m branding myself as a lyricist from ATL, like a T.I. or an Outkast, who can give some game on a track. I talk about both sides of the streets, meaning sometimes people can only glorify the streets but not warn about the dangers. I live that lifestyle but I'd also advise you to save money. Street but conscious. If you’re risking your life every day, make it count."

Check out "So High" below and be sure to pre-order the project here.