SEE WATTS Delivers Food For Thought Through His Lyrics

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One day while in SOHO, NYC, my partner and I crossed paths with a rising artist outta Brooklyn. His name is See Watts, and he's not new to this thing we call Hip Hop. After conversating for a few mins, he gifted us with one of his CDs he was selling to the public. Told us that we needed to check it out, and to let him know our thoughts. Well, here' s our opinion.

See Watts embodies the core element of what hip hop has derived from in the early phases of its birth. He's a true lyricist at heart with useful knowledge and wisdom embedded in almost every one of his records. Each track on his CD spreads a message, whether being about positivity or being the illest MC alive. And honestly, it's very refreshing to jam out to.

A line that is instantly quotable is in his song "In Due Time" - which serves as a form of life principle within wisdom:

"Ima shine in due time, patience is virtue... Bullets shatter bones but failure will never hurt you." 

And lyrics like these, we don't get to enjoy as much as we once used to back in the past days. The message today in Hip Hop is not the same as it has once been. This talented MC is making sure to keep the "quality" in his music, to refer back to a better era in the genre. Big kudos to See Watts and his movement, as HYPEFRESH® thanks you for your contribution to the hip hop scene. Check out this cut from the Brooklyn based MC, and please leave your thoughts in the box below!