Selena's Hologram Could Go On Tour in 2018

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The Quintanilla family gave the approval for a Nevada based Tech company called Acrovirt LLC to make a hologram version of Selena, the Queen of Tejano music. 

Selena's Facebook posted this message two days ago:

‪#‎HappyTuesday‬ Selena fans! SURPRISE!!

Acrovirt, LLC announces the launch of Selena The One, the development of a walking, talking, singing, and dancing, digital embodiment of iconic singer, Selena. Acrovirt is working in collaboration with Selena’s immediate family and cutting-edge scientists to enable new productions for her many fans.

"Selena The One" will release new songs and videos, will collaborate with current hit artists, and aims to go on tour in 2018.

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out, there were any mixed feelings and reactions to Tupac's hologram performance. Well, if the family is ok with it, I guess we all can be ok with it too.