Sir Michael Rocks - Quality Time Lapse

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sir michael rocks quality time lapse

Filmed during a month-long trip to Tokyo, Sir Michael Rocks is dipped in the Pokemon-inspired Gyrados hockey jersey of his own Exotic Gourmet clothing line as he skips through the congested streets that are splashed with trippy, colorful lighting as buildings coated with brand names tower around the former Cool Kids rapper. From his recently released Populair album, “Quality Time Lapse” debuted via Complex and is a brooding self-produced cut that finds Rocks reflecting on his past:

I swear to God I’m on the phone with the old me/ From ’06, the me that didn’t know shit,” he raps in the song’s first verse. He elaborates with bars about his art school experience selling drugs to cinema kids, buying bootleg diamonds and turning a profit selling them to kids who didn’t know better, before concluding that “the things we do just to fit in and keep up with n*ggas, I had to give that up/ Wanted to be my own man before the internet told me who I was.”

Sir Michael Rocks’ Populair is a project that features no guests, and self-production on “In My Mode” and “Quality Time Lapse.” While digging in the crates for samples has remained a common thread in hip-hop, Internet rap architect Sir Michael Rocks again proved himself to be an enigma living in his own virtual reality, trading the common soul or jazz breaks for video game loops. You’ll quickly recognize a popular Street Fighter soundbite that’s repeated throughout.