Skyblew Returns With A New Visual "Nefelibata," Directed By Will Lee

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The genius likes of Will Lee amazingly must be a well sought after vision to keep. His creative direction's nearly bring a song completely to life through the art of his camera lenses and method of piecing together parts of a concept.

His latest collaboration with North Carolina "golden child" Skyblew--who's revisiting his previously released collective, Journeys In 1st Person--led by a uneeringly composed soundtrack provided by beastsmith, Backdrop--couldn't have justified his work enough.

Skyblew, who's been on more of an artists' furlough than a hiatus from music, banded together with Lee for Nefelibata, the only obvious reason being that he too recognized the innovate heights that he could expand this project towards this type of creativity at hand.

From the jump of the record into the black & white scene of mist, both Skyblew & Will Lee make it clear that this will be a well worthy 4-minutes of your time. The live drummer effect made the intruiging behind Nefelibata before even capping 30-seconds.

Angles, frames, location, setting, etc.. All the things that exemplify the overall quality of a visual, let alone even giving detail to the music itself, are all of the things that play a key role in why Skyblew has the potential to grow with his music & clearly the ethic to be on to something undeniable--his approach in creating his work is of a forward-thinking motive. We'll only be eager to see what more is in store succeeding his re-introduction.