Snoh Aalegra's 'L$D' Cover Is Pure Cocaine

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Swedish R&B artist Snoh Aalegra remixes A$AP Rocky's new song 'L$D'. And honestly, it's pure perico in it's most potent audible format.

Just bass and a finger picked guitar, Aalegra’s heartfelt delivery captures your attention as soon as the record drops. Snoh’s rendition is chilling and cold, like the depths of the Antarctic. Honestly, it's a great follow up in reference to the original recording.

Learn more on Ms. Aalegra, as she did a recent interview with Okayplayer’s in-depth First Look Friday interview and listen to the her cover of 'L$D' here

A$AP Rocky’s sophomore LP 'AT. LONG. LAST. A$AP' is in stores and can be purchased on iTunes today.