Spenser Michaels "Hold On To Love" Is an Instant Hit

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When it comes down to it, up & coming recording artist —Spenser Michaels is not letting go of what’s most important: Love.

His newest single “Hold On To Love" Produced by Steve Muhic delivers the groove that keeps the dance floor on their toes. As Michaels graces the cleverly composed instrumental Muhic built, it occurred to us that the man singing the tune had experienced losing love recently.

"Nowadays, everyone is so fast to give up on love. No one seems willing to make the relationships in their life work for them." says Michaels, during our conversation at a local Starbucks cafe. He gracefully sipped on his tea at the cozy table where we sat, and nods his head. "Music is expression… and i’m going to get everything in my heart out to the world." 

And boy, we can tell he wasn’t joking. In today’s mainstream market, fans are overwhelmed by non-creative, un-original tracks that bleed mediocrity. Sir Michaels goes against the expected, and makes us believe that music can still be fun, edgy & inspiring.