Sterling Duns, 'Do The Talking' (Video)

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Sterling Duns has done it again. And this time, he's taking on the topic of most people's issues - communication.

How often do we talk to one another on a daily basis? Of course, we chat with our immediate family and friends, frequently. But those outside of the circle? Well, it varies.

Sterling Duns tackles his issue with communicating and "keeping in touch" with the many people he knows in his life. It's not out of spite. It's just because we all get super busy as adults, living our lives out as they progress.

It can be pretty darn easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, and Sterling Duns confessed this openly and honestly in this record.

 Kanye West, "All Falls Down" - Roc A Fella® Records, 2004

Kanye West, "All Falls Down" - Roc A Fella® Records, 2004

It's kinda like Kanye's confession in the 2004 hit "All Falls Down" by Kanye West and Syleena Johnson.

"Man I promise, I'm so self conscious/

Thats why you always see me with at least one of my watches/"

Duns is just admitting that he has a lot on his plate in life and sometimes he doesn't get to his phone/emails as fast as he would like. Even in his relationship with his lady, his passion to succeed is causing problems within.


Gotta love the message and concept to this record too, as Duns drops jewels and wisdom consistently in this record. 

"Listen, Been in transition/

from MC to embodying everything that's been missing/

I've become a recluse, too much passion i'm too driven/

Emails and voicemails i've never bothered to listen/

Apologies for the distance.../

If you know the struggle of trying to reach your dreams, but life constantly gets in the way - don't feel left out. We all go through it. Check this record out for yourself, and indulge in the infectious wordplay surrounding every ambitious man's day to day problem.