Sterling Duns Drops "Freestyle #11".

"Freestyle #11", fresh off the top - no scripts.
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"Freestyle #11", fresh off the top - no scripts.
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Sterling Duns is probably one of Philadelphia's most underrated, unsigned talents. This may be by choice, or the choices of the people. Either way, it doesn't keep his music off of some of the biggest blogs on the east-coast. Okayplayer, HipHopSince1987, and of course HYPEFRESH® Magazine to name a few.

In his latest release, "Freestyle #11", Duns kicks raw flow off the top of his head over the unprocessed, organic vocals - courtesy of Keys, (who accompanies him throughout the video) Sterling Duns has been no stranger to these types of tracks, releasing a series over the past few months. It's almost like he has nothing to prove, but yet everything to show for. Known for his originality and creativeness, Duns keeps it going with another hot joint for you to rock to.

Listen to the lyrics. The key to tapping into Duns's magnetism is wordplay. No fancy beats, or extremely popular features. It's just him, and what he does best. Check it out and be sure leave your thoughts below in our comments section. What's your thoughts on Freestyle #11?