Sticky Blood Ft. Gaby Hensham - Valium (Official Video)

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sticky blood valium

Sticky Blood returns in 2016 with “Valium” featuring singer Gaby Henshaw, verifying to all speculators why they are in such high demand.

In 2015 they had an collection of quality music including Blood is Stickier Than Water EP, written and recorded at the Red Bull Studios, featured "One Bar In" ft. MC’s Coco & Snowy and "Balance", which put the production duo on the map gaining support from Monki, Toddla T, Mistajam, Jamz Supernova, Complex, Clash and anticipation through the indie music scene.

The title "Valium’"is explained to be used by Sticky Blood as a metaphor to show the desire to be asleep where you can experience something away from reality and where things are unassuming. The video production of the track tells this story using Gaby Henshaw depicting a girl up in the hills away from everything, but searching for something. Henshaw portrays this girl having so much mystery in her delivery, which is the same vibe I get just listening to the lyrics with production flow.

Although the visual production doesn’t illustrate much outside Henshaw searching through the hills and dancing here and there, the simplicity doesn’t take away from the lyrics and balances out the production of the track. The variety in their production style frequently surprises their diversity and intricacy. The fun club beats with building in and out with mixes of calm still moments of waiting for what’s next.

Andy Nicholson and Jamie Shield have created a striking and unique sound that can move people emotionally working with established singers such as Terri Walker and Tom Prior, but also create Grime tracks at a 155bpm with up and coming MC’s. They are fresh and innovative and continue to bring an exciting, rule-breaking sound to 2016.