Stro Has Old School Hip-Hop Fans Reminiscing With 'Best By Far'

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Stro’s latest album Best by Far screams original hip-hop, with a modern icing on top.

One thing that stood out the most was the emphasis on his lyrics rather than on the production work. Don't get me wrong, the production isn't dead, the beats are smooth and different from what we hear everywhere else. It's the perfect balance of head bobbing beats, but he also incorporates mind moving lyrics.

There are a couple of songs that really stood out to me, each contributing the same message but in different ways. The initial message that I received from this project is Stro defining himself as a MC, and how he wants to go back to the old ways of hip-hop opposed to what we may be used to today.

His first song, "Nobody Raps," showcases a clear message of how he doesn't agree with where the hip-hop game is today. He talks about the industry and how difficult they make it to be in this business. His lyrics repeat this one line saying, “Everybody networks, Nobody raps.” It's less about what an artist can offer, and more about who they know...and Stro doesn't believe that should be the case.

His last track, Live at BBQ’16, tells the tale of Stro being a skilled lyricist and emcee. The beginning of the track starts of with him saying “ No dubs...Just straight vocal track,” making it clear where this artist stands in terms of his lyricism. It's all about delivery.

This Brooklyn-bound rapper doesn't disappoint, providing a sound that is relatable to all avid hip-hop fans. This isn't trap music, this is a collection of real hip-hop.

I recommend this album to those who appreciate quality lyrics and don't mind being nostalgic, reminiscing about the old days of hip-hop