Take A Trip To "All The Right Places" With ymtk's New Album

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This is the perfect time in music history for fresh, hip, new talent to emerge and push the boundaries of sound. 

Oakland, CA musician ymtk explores many different ranges of his vocal & lyrical capacity with his new album, All The Right Places. He recruits voices like IAMSU!, Marc E Bassy, & Too $hort to lend their creativity to an already eclectic vibe. 

He shares a few words upon his album release:

This is my best body of work to date. I'm not only hella excited for people to hear it but excited to contribute a slightly different/eclectically fresh sound that's true to myself & the Bay Area. I think it's important that we're recognized for just how versatile we really are as a community of artists, creators, & tastemakers. As much love as we get, sometimes I feel like being a young Oakland artist such as myself comes with a stigma of only being able to do one thing & sound one way. Me & Zach (Ekzakt) really put a lot of ourselves in it & I think people will be able to feel that when they have a listen & catch the vibe. Hopefully we can damn near really bubble of this jawn, haha. As well as inspire others to explore their creativity & not be afraid to do something a little outside the box.

For your listening pleasure, we have included the album below. Be sure to be on the look out for more from ymtk in the near future.