Recording Artist TakeOff Mizzy takes us on a journey to his second home ( Grind House Studios ). His artistic evolution emphasizes on showing viewers how he vibes out before he enters the booth. The feeling of the record caused for no chorus, which Mizzy carries this song with meaningful lyrics and an impeccably charismatic flow. The outcome was designed to give you the perspective on how people have been looked at all over the world especially in America.The narrative has been telling us “This is way way deeper than skin color”. The government doesn’t care about any of us. The premise is that we all need to stick together against injustice and prejudice.

TakeOff Mizzy has been indulging in music for as long as he has recognized his God-given talent, even taken on the term “Young God/Goddess” to describe himself & his supporters, in the past. TakeOff Mizzy’s talent has gone thus far due to his hard work, dedication & the authenticity which have all been displayed in his tracks since day one. And to kick off the new year, the Philadelphia native returns with a lyrical dive into the emcee's affinity for cadence, wordplay and the raw, honest truth.  Telling the trajectory of his life with clever wordplay, weaving topics of race, politics and the control of knowledge, TakeOff Mizzy is a rare breed in a time of illusion. 


Check out the dope video above and stay tuned for more from TakeOff Mizzy in 2018!