The Brooklyn native takes us on a cosmic journey through space, time and love.

Brooklyn native, TCVVX drops his latest offering, a 6- track EP that explores the cosmic journey of space, time and love. Recorded in the US and Montreal, Canada, TCVVX solidifies the role of a singer, songwriter and producer with a mellow, reflective vibe that encapsulates the true essence of relationships with a deep dark aura that is bound to deliver an intoxicating listening experience. 


When asked about the project, TCVVX said the following: 

"A good part of the project was recorded in Montreal. Being back and forth between the states and Canada really influenced the sound—you’ll definitely hear that within the music," TCVVX explains. "While this is my first body of work, let this serve as something to hold you over and prepare you for what’s next."


Stream TCVVX's EP above and be on the look out for more music and updates!