10 Reasons Why You Need The Bodega Boys

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So if you aren't a fan of the Bodega Boys podcast hopefully this article will make one of you. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are just two dirty n*ggas from the Bronx that talk sh*t for a living. You can find them on Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne tha God on MTV2, Guy Code on MTV and other random shows on throughout the Viacom network. While they are problematic they are the problematic favs, you can't make it through an episode without shedding a tear from laughing so hard! So below are a list of ten reasons why you need to be checking out the Bodega Boys.

  1. So you can hear them cover weekly events through the hottest of the hot takes.
  2. So you can claim #Bodegahive
  3. To hear their wild ass Aka's in the intro.
  4. To laugh so hard that you have to pause the podcast.
  5. To hear Mero's wild ass impressions of Dr. Ben Carson and other celebrities.
  6. To hear Dark Desus (Note: The sun is a dying star, we'll all die soon -Dark Desus)
  7. To hear stories about Mero being "wild smacked" in Target with his family.
  8. To hear about the Knicks and how trash they'll always be.
  9.  So you can leave the art emoji in their comments when they don't post on time.
  10. Because the brand is strong. Bang Bang Redbull Gang. *Does the drop*