When hip hop meets 80's pop.

Hailing from Austin Texas, Deezie Brown is the epitome of artistic integrity coupled with creative genius. His sound is a manifestation of Alternative Hip-Hop and Electronic Pop. Today, he solidifies his creative genius with Judith, an emotive dive into the depth of his influences, melodic prowess and lyrical content. Featuring 12 symbiotic tracks of versatility and musical exploration, Deezie Brown is one of the most underrated artists of our generation. 

When asked about the meaning about the concept of the album, Brown stated, 

Essentially the album Judith is one's dream. A dream that one is striving for – success, happiness, attainment, enlightenment. However, Judith is not always loving or merciful. She can be beautiful and evil, masked together.

Sole infatuation on Judith will leave you empty and worthless, but not owning up to your responsibility to Judith will also leave you empty and yearning for something more that just out of your reach.

It is a struggle to find harmony. When it is achieved, the dark melancholy feelings will cease and a new light will be shed on your mind, heart and life.

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