The4orth, 'Dealer Man'

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The4orth is back yet again, and this time he's bringing his poetic flare/visual to the subject surrounding the all famous community "Dealer Man".

Curtis Mayfield's late record "Pusha Man"comes to mind when we rocked out to this video, as its obvious The4orth is discussing the the perils of this open and volatile relationship many have with him - including himself.

"Dealer Man, Dealer man/

Whether it's powder or flowers, your sales can heal a man/

If not cure? Make him feel again/

He'll admit he feels real again/

Your not proud of your job but either rob, steal or deal again/

The same f*cking ordeal again/"

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Taking the harsh realities of either being a dealer or a customer, The4orth paints an awesome picture for mental digest. If you never had a relationship with a dealer yourself, you can vicariously know what the pro's and cons are in this piece. And vice versa.

Definitely a banger. This track screams a classic. What do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts below. You can also catch more work from this artist at his website,