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The Code Release "Sedative," The Final Track From 'Blue Electronica'

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Following on from sensational responses to tracks “F**k”, “Electronica” and “Azure” the enigmatic duo The Code return with the fourth and final installment titled “Sedative” from their forthcoming EP Blue Electronica.

The Code are currently carving out their own niche in the crowd of electronic music and creating an undeniably unique smokey sound.

The Code continue to leave listeners intoxicated by their sound, with throbbing baselines and atmospheric vocals, the pair proclaim they have have 'no genre stated, so we make what we want'. 

Intoxicating to say the least, “Sedative” showcases their creative versatility and continues to heighten the mystery that surrounds them and their forthcoming project - one that oozes raw power, hype and energy combined with a mellow and soothing ambiance.

“To us and to many blue is the color of the sky at its clearest and the sea at its purest. Electronica is deep in the spectrum of music, having its own field from minimal to trance, the drugs, the lights, the sex and the serenity.” - The Code

With fans already in anticipation for new material, ‘Blue Electronica’ is set to be another stunning body of work from the acclaimed production duo, who set out to create a soundtrack to encompass where they stand at this moment in time, a compilation of innovation and one that will complete their second step of progression.