The Dead Weather delivers on 'Dodge and Burn'

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The Dead Weather has been more or less a way for Jack White to blow off steam and showcase his phenomenal drumming skills. In addition to 'blowing off steam', the band's third album Dodge and Burn has actually turned out to be their best yet.

Although he’s an integral part of the songwriting process and adds the occasional vocal, he mainly sticks to drumming and hands over the spotlight to his bandmates: Kills vocalist Alison Mosshart, Queens Of The Stone Age keyboardist Dean Fertita, and Raconteurs/Greenhornes bassist Jack Lawrence.

It took the Dead Weather two years to make and release Dodge and Burn, with the band members recording whenever they had time to play together and issuing several songs as singles through, the vault, a Third Man's subscription service. Despite this kind of fragmentation, this is the Dead Weather's most engaging and rousing album to date.

It's a mix of howling classic rock (think Black Keys) and jabbing post-punk. While this album is definitely a way for White to showcase his talents, the rest of the band members use this outlet to show off their many talented vocal ranges and fuzzy guitar riffs.

Mosshart's snarls and almost growls many of the lyrics to perfection. From "Buzz (killer)" to "I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)", Mosshart leads the song full-force all the way to the end of each track.

One of the stand out tracks on Dodge and Burn is the opener, "I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)". This super-charged jam has a 70's metal swagger. Guitarist Dean Fertita thrives at the those long and loud guitar licks.


Dodge and Burn is also the best showcase of Dead Weather's extensive use of wordplay in the songs they write.

You hear “I’ve seen roses grow noses / And noses go and get broken during

"Three Dollar Hat" and “Shake your hips like battleships" in Blue Blood Blues.

There is no rhyme or reason to the tracklist of Dodge and Burn-- it really is spontaneous and fun, which makes it so appealing. It only seems right to listen to Dodge in Burn on a midnight drive down the highway, as White and the rest of the other members get your adrenaline going in this classic rock album.


1. I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
2. Buzzkill(er)
3. Let Me Through
4. Three Dollar Hat
5. Lose The Right
6. Rough Detective
7. Open Up
8. Be Still
9. Mile Markers
10. Cop and Go
11. Too Bad
12. Impossible Winner