The Internet Released A Triple-Track Music Video Ft. "Special Affair," "Palace," and "Curse"

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The Internet continues to test typical music industry norms by releasing a triple track music video.

The band takes fans on a visual experience through songs “Special Affair,” “Palace,” and “Curse” from 2015’s Grammy nominated album Ego Death.

Directed by Calmatic, the video starts with black and white shots of the band’s lead singer, Syd the Kid, at a barn party singing “Special Affair.” The screen then turns black before jumping to a colorful shot of the band performing “Curse.”

Once again the screen cuts black before introducing another colorful scene in the barn featuring Tyler The Creator rapping his verse on “Palace.”

Syd the Kid ends the video singing in front of the crowd as the video shifts to a grainy effect before fading to black.

This video is definitely a hit for both The Internet and Odd Future as a whole. Check out the video above.