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It's refreshing to see the selective diversity of talent levels who grace this center stage.
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Let's make one thing clear: good music matters first before anything else! 

**Before you read this article, be sure to head over to The Meadows Music & Arts Festival website to get your wristband for this year's lineup ( September 15th-17 ).**

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival has turned many heads in just a years time, making its initial appearance at Citi Field in Queens, New York City of Summer 16'. The show is produced by Founders Entertainment, who's also responsible for the widely popularized Governors Ball (also based in NYC). What makes this event special is the unrivaled festival lineup that graces their center stage for the Summer. 

Attention to diversity is obviously key in this case, as the heads over at Founders Entertainment know exactly how to intertwine "emerging" artists with "spectacle" entertainers. Take last year, for example, an emerging Emcee/Producer J Cole (at the time) and Veteran Producer/Rapper/ Entertainer/Designer/Icon etc, etc; Kanye West. You wouldn't think these two would be mentioned in the same breath, but they were - leading to a smashing concert series.

This year's example? Take for instance Jacob Banks, an emerging R&B crooner from Europe, will grace the same stage with an undisputed legend of Hip Hop - Jay Z. And though both acts won't be on stage together, it's pretty awesome to recognize the festival's attention to musical catering. There's a little bit of everything on this list. Just look at this recipe below: it's amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.57.19 PM

Founders Entertainment understands one key element:

Millenials don't care about how many years in the game an artist has, number of Platinum hits, or physical appearance. All that matters to them is how good the music is - period. Maybe in the past twenty years, stats and figures mattered to event planners for Summer festivals. But in this Soundcloud age of music, all that's needed is quality work and a loyal following of fans to be considered. Signed or unsigned.

And let's not forget the food, games, festivities, and vendors set to attend. It's almost comparative to an adult theme park, just with bomb ass music of sorts.

It's a good thing The Meadows Arts & Music Festival is here to represent for the true culture heads of entertainment over anything else. The results are evident, and the people have responded positively. Selling out the Citi Field in Queens is a really big deal. Especially for emerging talents climbing the ladder.

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