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Spark Master Tape: A Top Up-and-Comer That Doesn't Exist

No face, no name, no origins.
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Happy Friday! 

Are you in the midst of searching for a new artist to throw into your repertoire of daily listening? If so, look no further than Spark Master Tape. There isn't much to say about his personal life, chiefly because the dude is more mysterious than MF Doom. So, we're going to mainly focus on the music here. How much there is, what it sounds like, and where you can see him live. 

As you can hear above there is a voice distortion very much present in his music. Again, to hide his identity. What is incredibly thought-provoking however is how he is going to be able to pull this off when he embarks on a world tour supporting Run the Jewels. To see when RTJ, along with Spark Master Tape, The Gaslamp Killer, and Cuz are coming to your city look no further than here. Yeah, that basically sums up how you can check out SMT live, because this will be his first time doing so. That, and Complex Con in Long Beach, California. Perhaps he'll be wearing a paper bag over his head during the performances.

Back to the music. His discography is rather vast, and the styles, influences, and samples vary. He has three mixtapes, that are all available on his SoundCloud page. There is The 'Syrup Splash' Mixtape (2013), The #SWOUP Serengeti Mixtape (2013), and Silhouette Of A Sunken City (2016). All of his music is produced by Paper Platoon, which is also the name of a collection of artists (mostly visual) that Spark Master Tape is a member of. When he isn't rapping over murderous Paper Platoon-produced 808's, he is inventively incorporating a diverse range of samples. His track, "No Love For Me", off of the aforementioned Syrup Splash features chopped up verses from Rick Ross, Lil B, and Usher songs. He's also taken 2Pac's "Troublesome 96" and flipped that upside down. You can listen to that track here. Now, when he isn't chopping together the beats and lyrics of his rap genre counterparts, he expresses a deep knowledge of soul music and R&B as well. 

His random post-Silhouette Of A Sunken City tracks happen to be some of my favorites. The above "SPECIALtypeDIFFERENT" and the below "KKALLABASSAS" serve as a representation of the sound present in all of them. I'd rather not lean on the go-to simpleton terminology and say that they "bump" harder, but that is one part I find enthralling. Nonetheless, the distortion used throughout them seems cleaner (perhaps it is an increase in production value), and the lyrics see much more evolved. 

There is only one interview with Spark Master, which was conducted back in 2013 by a music blog named Passion of the Weiss. The answers to the interview questions are as peculiar as you would think. After being asked about his background, where he is from, etc. SMT responded by saying:

"What up fam, good look on the interview and support, Paper Platoon Salute. Shit aint much to tell you. Born in the ocean, grew up in the sewers and now we sprinklin your lawns. Spark is from the Deep Blue Sea, the part right before Samuel L. Jackson gets murked by that shark."

I highly recommend reading the interview in its awkward entirety.  

In my opinion, the amount of exposure Spark Master Tape is about to receive on this Run the Jewels tour will shoot him into some form of slight mainstream esteem. He has the talent and musical knowledge for it for sure. If you want to stay up to date on his whereabouts you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.