The Music Producer’s Round Table Spotlight - AndMe & Bastian Talk Their Latest Dance Single — ‘Thoughts of You’

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Here at HF®, we love music. Especially if it’s dope. However, we love remixes more, because it makes the originals sound — doper. Our editors got their hands on a hot dance track titled : ‘Thoughts of You' by the music producers from One Fold Records®, AndMe & Bastian, both composing & contributing the original & remix.

We love this damn song man. Well — both of them. Equally. This dance track does exactly what it’s supposed to do: make you move. Editors normally don’t dance.. But In this case, the office was jumpin’ harder than a night club. The infectious rhythm made the men throw their hands in the air — while the seamless transitions & mixing made the women move their bodies to the groove. And the loud music, pissed our boss off. Which is why no-one’s dancing anymore.. That is — unless we want our jobs. We want to thank the folks at One Fold Records® — we almost lost our careers because of your music being so awesome.

We immediately reached out, and sat down with the dynamic duo to talk music, & their new single that’s amazingly awesome. So with that said, HF® is proud to present to the world, The Music Producer’s Round Table Spotlight interview with AndMe & Bastian. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourselves & musical backgrounds.

AndMe: My name’s Arun Betson (Producer Name - AndMe.) I’m 22 & from a small town called Hailsham in the south east of the UK, not much of a musical background except from the fact that I’ve always loved music and have been interested since an early age. I loved playing the piano in music classes, although not very well. (lol) It hasn’t stopped from producing.

B: My name’s Sebastian Hamilton (Producer Name - Bastian) I’m 28 & I’m from a small town called Brighton in the south east of the UK, DJ’ing for 20 years in ”club land” hosting events to his name. Hailing from a UK Garage background.

What inspires you guys to make such awesome music on the daily?

AndMe: Inspiration comes from everywhere, whether your listening to the radio or even watching TV. But what inspires me most is listening to new music, as it pushes me to be more creative and try and stand out from the crowd.

B: Inspiration comes from the people i’m around. This inspires me to DJ new sets regularly.

Walk us through your creative processes (Collectively) when working on a new record..

AndMe & B: When starting a new track, we usually start with the drums, but sometimes (if we’re remixing or already have an idea) We’ll have a vocal loop playing, then build our drums around it. Then we’ll get a bass line and start to do a little structure building, adding some FX here and there. Anything that pops into our heads while listening, we’ll try our best to get that sound into the track. We like to finish our tracks fairly quickly as sometimes we can get a little bored and lose interest.. So we think it’s important that we commit to certain things or we’ll will never finish.

What piece of advice could you share with other rising producers who are inspiring to make it mainstream in this massive music industry?

AndMe: Advice? Try and find your way of working and be original. Just because what your producing doesn’t sound like your favorite track, doesn’t mean it’s not good. Try to find your sound and work on it to make it the best you can. And most importantly— don’t give up! You do hit brick walls sometimes.. But you do get over them!

B: Advice? Stay original. Work hard. don’t give up.

Lastly, Give us your influences that motivate you to create the music that you do.

AndMe: There’s so many artists that have influenced my music.. But I’d have to say my favorite is a guy called Low Steppa. He’s Sick !!!!!

B: There’s so many artists that have influenced my music.. But I’d have to say my favorite right now is Tough Love.

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