The Outfit,TX ft. Maxo Kream - "Ü" (Prod. by Mel of TOTX) (Official Video)

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The Outfit, TX ft. Maxo Kream U

Dallas via Houston trio The Outfit,TX is joined by fellow Texas rapper Maxo Kream in their latest video single "Ü". In the music video, the Texas rappers offer up a dark, vibe yet authentic sound that you really don't hear too often.

The trio mobs out to their hook and rhymes like "big rims when I ride / watch your bitch grin when I glide" and "you a player from the Himalayas /ghetto dope rhyme sayer."

On working with Maxo Krem, The Outift, TX said "Maxo is an authentic hardhead, and that’s how a lot of hardheads move, and you rarely get authentic versions of those in hip-hop music, nowadays. Music needs that authenticity... So, to us, Maxo personifies our desires for more real ones to make it. We funk with each other off the strength of all of the aforementioned elements, and most importantly the mutual respect we have for each other. We wanna see each other win. Ü is the first of many more byproducts of this."