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The Talented Bombshell Quiñ

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California native, singer, songwriter, and bombshell (I might add) Quiñ, is set to debut her 9 Lives EP early 2016. Lets be honest, while many artists are just pretty faces, her beauty is an added bonus into the musicality and richness of her sound and image as an eclectic artist. With a synchronized mixture of pop, soul, r&b and electronic vibes, Quiñ is a rarity and a favorite of ours on the rise through her ability to transcend genres and showcase her multifaceted artistry to the world.

Her effortless style, strikingly sultry vocals and lyrical content gives her voice the ability to travel through space and time over the hazy production, lyrical content reigning supreme. Rated as one of the most anticipated artist of 2016, this short film dives deep into the spiritual realm of Fantasy Soul Music. Be sure to look out for more of Quiñ in the New Year. In the mean time, check out her mini video below.