The4orth Presents The "Solution" To Hip Hop Culture

An instant independent classic.
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An instant independent classic.

HYPEFRESH® had a recent discussion on Twitter discussing the lack of "originality" in modern hip hop culture. Many took to their thoughts about the growing issue, spilling their feelings on the table.

After hearing the opinions of the people, the question was then asked: "The soulution?"

And then comes the man of the hour.

We agreed with his plight. However, every Hip Hop artist thinks they are the "solution" to the modern rap world's problems... So we took the time to check him out, just in case he was presenting an obvious bluff.

The fact that this article is dedicated to The4orth the very next day??? Says tons about our opinion on his lyrical abilities. This guy is honestly is one of the answers to bringing Hip Hop back to a more respectable state. However, we need many more to follow his lead to even come close to any kind of restoration.

The concepts around this album runs circles around many other "rap albums" out currently. The production work is hella tight, and puts you back in perspective to the golden era sound of the genre. Chopped up samples, gritty drums and raw content... It just feels too right.

Classic boom, bap. Period. Leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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