Meet TheShellGod, Desiigner's Music Producer

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The 20 year old Charlotte, NC native and I spoke briefly the morning that Desiigners New English mixtape dropped. I got to ask him some questions on the creative process and what’s it like now that Desiigner has launched into stardom. He was very open and let me pick his brain. Check out the interview below.

First off, Why the name TheShellGod
I chose “TheShellGod” because where i’m from “shell” means high and everyone knows I’m always high haha, It just kinda stuck.

So what’s the vibe in the studio like with you and Desiigner?
The vibe is very high energy, bro (Desiigner) creates hooks in a matter of seconds. He always has something up his sleeve, he’s constantly creating. I would consider him a perfectionist, he won’t release anything until it sounds perfect to him.

So when you two are in the studio where do you start?
We typically start with the beat. Bro builds a rhythm off of that, then the hook comes into play. He pretty much just starts from scratch from the beat all the way to the final touches.



Do you go into a session with a pre-made beat or is it fresh every time?
I do both, typically I’ll cook something new for him there but occasionally I’ll have some pre-cooked hits I just send over. Just whatever his vibe is, I try to match it.

How has Desiigner's success affected your production? Are more people asking to work?
Desiigner's success has definitely impacted my career, beat sales have skyrocketed and a lot of other artists have been trying to work. I’ll always have love for bro for that, He put me in a spot to succeed and thrive and I did that exactly.

What other artists are you currently working with?
I’m currently working with Glo Gang and SSR, OTF and I have more work with G.O.O.D. I’ve got something in the works with Kodak Black and Young Dolph but those are the only ones i can discuss haha.

How was working with Mike Dean?
I haven’t been able to cook with Mike Dean in person yet but I know the type of person he is. He’s a hard worker, always telling things how they are. If he doesn’t like something in the beat he’ll tell you haha. He’s an OG in the music scene, theres a lot to be learned from the big homie and I’m willing to learn it all.

"I would just say to make sure that YOU like the music you're putting out. A lot of artists/producers don't make genuine music, they put out what they think others will like. You're supposed to make music for YOU, not others. If you don't like your own genuine material how can you succeed?" -TheShellGod