Three Reasons Why Cardi B Is Killing It With Her Music

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For some of you, Cardi B became a household name once she joined Love & Hip Hop. For others, you were already fans thanks to her Instagram success, where she served a platter of realness, funniness, and occasionally good craziness, in every video posting.

Thanks to one of my friends, I knew about her prior to her television days. And when she made the announcement before that she was releasing a music project, I was intrigued. However, now I'm a fan of her work ethic and believe that, in her own way and right, she is killing it. Here are three reasons why:

1. Loyal Fanbase Was Established Before Her Music Career

Out the gate, Cardi B didn't have to build a new fanbase, she already had one. Prior to her new career, she put in work to build a solid Instagram brand. I noticed this when about a year or two ago, before everything popped off for her, my friend, who looovvvveesss her, brought me to a party that she was a guest for. The moment she came in, faces lit up, she was charismatic, engaging, dancing, twerking and all of the above. The work that she put in to establish a big Instagram following developed a solid group of supporters for her music. This is very obvious considering she pretty much sold out Stage 48. So for her, it wasn't about building a new fanbase, it was all about adding on to the pre-existing one.

2. Her Strong Personality Elevates Her Performances

If you watch Cardi B perform, you will see that the energy she has on stage stems from her personality. It's felt through every dance move, through every word she spits and every verse fans rap to. She's always been energized and a personality in her Instagram videos. But, she has found a way to translate it over to her performances in a way that is effective, great to watch and simply fun.

3. Her Music Bangs

Some songs are meant to be lyrically inclined, and some are meant to make you want to twerk, turn up, flip tables and etc. Cardi B's music bangs, and definitely more so during live performances. So... I don't know what else needs to be said here. Check her music out below and on her Soundcloud, and if you can, give it a chance and go see her live.