Tiara Thomas gets detailed about what it is she needs to survive as an artist and as a person in her newest single. Its both relatable and a compliment to the rest of her EP 'FWMM.'

We all need things on this rollercoaster better known as life. Sometimes it's clear what it is, and other times its harder than finding a needle in a hay stack. But for Tiara Thomas, she's got it all figured out. In her latest video for, "I Need", she goes into depth about what those things are. Set in the perimeter of her bedroom, Thomas gets cozy as she sings about the things needed for her life and artistry to thrive. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 3.36.56 PM

“I need money, I need sleep, I need new sh*t, I need peace,” she sings. “I need you when, I want the D. I need true sh*t, when you talk to me. Yeah, I could use some inspiration. I need someone I can create with.” It's unclear whether or not she's getting those things from her female co-star, but Thomas appears to be in deep contemplation throughout the video. The release of these new visuals come just in time for the release of her new EP entitled FWMM. Loaded with seven songs, this new project offers two more songs than her last piece of work, Don't Mention My Name

FWMM, which sticks to the tradition of R&B, offers vibes mellow enough to sing you to sleep. From "I Need" to "Ride You Like A Wave", it's a close call when it comes to what may be dubbed as a fan's favorite. One thing's for sure though, she's making notable progress as an artist, and it'll be cool to see where her career takes her next!

Check out the visual above and experience FWMM (f*ckin with my mind) above!