This Is For The Undergound. This is For The Femcee's. Tiff The Gift Is Here To Let You Know 'It Gets Greater Later'.

When's the last time you heard it like this?
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Much love to the Hip-Hop lover that still respects the foundation in which the culture was built upon. VA femcee Tiff The Gift just so happens to be one of them, and she's here to display her latest full body of work. The last time fans heard from Tiff was in 2014 with her project, It's Better To Give. Today she shows us that 'It Get's Greater Later' as she divulges 13 tracks that are a pure and utter example of genuine authenticity.. That of which is very lacking in Hip-Hop music. 

Just to further reiterate what I mean, lets check the stats: 'It Get's Greater Later' is currently #1 for the undergoing Hip-Hop album charts via Bandcamp. The album was debuted via Bandcamp, so you do the math while we watch the numbers add up. 

Tiff The Gift offers a few words on her new project:

"It Gets Greater Later, which harmoniously melds the worlds of Hip Hop, Soul, Gospel, and Jazz together to make the perfect bowl of musical gumbo to soothe your soul and ease the hunger for something with a different flavor. With vibrant production, some witty and fun wordplay along with intelligent introspection It Gets Greater Later is Tiff's most ambitious effort yet. The release date was October 10th via Don't Sleep Records and the anticipation was mounting, the buzz was growing, and Tiff The Gift remained Cool, Calm, and Chill." -MANAGEMENT

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