Tonio Sagan - Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

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tonio sagan stuff dreams are made of

Massachusetts-based producer, Tonio Sagan bursts onto the scene with an epic, sprawling mashup-meets-cinematic opus, “Stuff Dreams Are Made Of."

Tonio begins the mix by sampling his grandfather, renowned astronomer Carl Sagan (and mentor of Neil deGrasse Tyson). Those words lead us through a soundscape of ethereal cloud beats and Hip Hop-influenced bass music, which is paired with wall-to-wall conceptually driven sampling.

“Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” is one of the most carefully crafted pieces of its kind, in part because its emotional weight. The track features live bass by Garrett Sawyer and drums by Demse Zullo during the section with Nas and Aerosmith samples. The drum recording is from the first and tragically last show Demse performed in a project with DJ Neb and Tonio. Zullo passed away with his good friend Budzy in a tragic automobile accident shortly after. It’s a beautiful tribute not only to Zullo but all the important lives we’ve lost over the years.

This is Tonio Sagan’s opening statement. Stay tuned. His debut EP, Cloud Control Vol. 1, is set to drop this March via Wakaan, the new label from dubstep virtuoso, Liquid Stranger. “Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” is now available for free download.