Torae's 'Imperial Sound', Is Nothing Less Than "Exceptional"

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Torae is a man who wears many hats. Radio personality during the day via Sirius XM, rising debut actor in the entertainment's Hollywood scene and legendary bar spitter when the sun decides it's time to set. Debuting his newest album,'Entitled'which dropped January 15th, the Brooklyn beat-slayer steps forth with his newest, written work of art, which some are already hailing his 'Masterpiece' via the internet. One of his works on record, which stands out instantly is 'Imperial Sound', which is appropriately placed at track 2 of the 14 records on the album. Featuring Philadelphia's Saul Williams, who graces the record with an amazingly regal trumpet-flow throughout.

Simply put, 'Imperial Sound' embodies the spirit of Hip Hop within it's foundational composition. At its finest representation, Torae graces each verse with lyrical gems, painting a portrait of his learning experiences through wisdom via his growing pains in the industry. Groundbreaking production, which bangs your speaker cups with death-defying kicks and crispy neck-snapping snares. This being completely credited to Praise, a seasoned music producer in the Hip Hop community.

 Saul Williams.

Saul Williams.

Here's one to roll the windows down with.

Drop the top if you can

, and cruise with the soulful vibes of Torae banging through your stereo. Check it out below, and feel free to read along via


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